The training will provide the information for the various leadership styles, coaching skills, motivation models & effective leadership theories.



The aim of this training is to equip people with an appreciation of the importance of Leadership within an organization. The training will also introduce various leadership styles and leadership models.

Learning outcomes:

  • Contrast a range of early and contemporary leadership and recognize that most theories seek a balance between a task versus a relationship orientation and styles.
  • Integrate the concepts of servant, ethical, moral and courageous leadership and distinguish differences between some western and eastern leadership and motivational concepts
  • Differentiate between entrepreneurial and non entrepreneurial leadership and team work, the role of innovation, risk taking and decision making.
  • Generalize on some key differences between  perspectives in leadership and the motivation of employees from different generational era’s
  • Identify a range of modern leadership concepts, including, mindfulness, leader-member exchange, coaching, mentoring, engagement and talent management, justice, ethics and principle centeredness.
  • Recognize the key aspects a leader in developing a learning organization, being a talent champion, as well as a strategist in ensuring. Total Quality Management (TQM).


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