My PgMP Certification Journey

May be an image of text that says 'Project Hanagement Institute THIS IS TO CERTIFY THAT Muhammad Imran HAS BEEN FORMALLY EVALUATED FOR EXPERIENCE KNOWLEDGE AND PERFORMANCE OF PROGRAM MANAGEMENT AND IS HEREBY BESTOWED THE GLOBAL CREDENTIAL Program Management Professional (PgMP)® IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF WE HAVE SUBSCRIBED OUR SIGNATURES UNDER THE SEAL OF THE INSTITUTE 어스ද Tony Appleby Chair, Board Orrectors SEAL 1969 Sunil Prashara President and Chief xecutive Onicer PgMP® Number: PgMP® Original Grant Date: PgMP® Expiration Date: 3193436 14 December 2021 13 December 2024 Project Management Institute.'

#PMI’s #PgMP is one of the prestigious and most valuable #certification, accepted globally. It can be easily achievable, if planned. Here is how to plan.

Firstly, find the reason why you want to pursue this certification goal, because it will help and motivate to dedicate yourself during preparation. Then find a better trainer, majority of them available on Professional Networks like #LinkedIn. 

Secondly, the most important and time consuming step is PgMP Application preparation, submission and approval. One can’t write until he/she understands what’s the Program Management about. As I have been training PMP since many years, and had knowledge about it also but I went through the PgMP standard available free for PMI Member. I downloaded and read chapter by chapter, then I read again with Program Life Cycle to understand it thoroughly. I have been managing ICT Portfolio since 2011 which contains multiple programs so real hands-on experience also added the value, its expected for Pgmp Aspirant to have experience so they can co-relate the knowledge.

I took 3 weeks to complete and submit my application, for which my trainer was quite supportive and assisted. After submission, it goes to Review stage, then Fee will be submitted so Application will move to Panel review. Usually, it takes 2 to 3 months for the whole process, I was lucky to finish all in 3 weeks including the approval of my application, which I wasn’t expecting and had my on going commitments.

Fortunately, I allocate full time studies for 7 days, 8 – 10 hours a day, solving questions from simulators, reviewing Exam Content Outline and reading through Standard.

Finally, on Exam day, it was quite stressed, Exam questions were very difficult and tricky, required full attention, for which I already had been following a strategy to have 2 min break after every 20 questions to re-compose myself and be attentive, many question were very lengthy and full of information but I was able to finish 45 minutes before the exam allocated time.

The final joyous moment, when I pressed the finish button and a message on screen with “Congratulations”. 

P.S. If one want to pass the exam,

1- Must read the standards before writing the Application.

2- Must write his/her own application instead of hiring someone services

3- Focused and dedicated efforts

4- Select 1 source, stay with the trainer, don’t hop for many trainers and their simulators.

5 – Most importantly – trust yourself.


Hope I provided as much detailed, still require further, do contact me on linked:



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