Human Resource Management

The module aims to introduce individuals to the human behavioural sciences and the ways people in organizations interact through formal and informal processes.  They will also be introduced to the skills of acquiring staff, allocating work, motivating, developing and rewarding the human resource and resolving problems arising from the employment relationship.

Learning outcomes

  • Identify the key features of Human Capital Management and Strategic Human Resource roles, tasks and functions.
  • Know how to assess talent for recruitment, selection, placement and promotion (Talent Management).
  • Compare Performance Management appraisal and feedback systems.
  • Summarize the role of Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS).
  • Differentiate the role of Human Resource Development (HRD) and Career Management.
  • Develop rewards and benefits systems.
  • Manage employee relations, rewards and benefit systems including Occupational Safety, Health and Environment (OSHE) issues.

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