Entrepreneurship is the process of creating something new of value by devoting (giving) the necessary time and effort.

        By accepting and acknowledging the necessary financial, psychological, and social risks, and

        Finally receiving the resulting rewards be it monetary and personal satisfaction and freedom to do what you want. 

                        Robert D.Hisrich, M. Peters & D.A Shepherd

Learning outcomes

—  To be aware of the concept and importance of Entrepreneurship

—  To identify the challenges of an Entrepreneur

—  To classify the forces driving the Entrepreneur

—  To appreciate the role of Entrepreneurship in the economic development process

—  To appreciate the key challenges, focus and funding sources of each stage of the business life cycle

—  To prove that innovation involves strategy, product and also processes.

—  To appreciate the critical role of Intrapreneurship within a corporate environment

—  To select resources and classify firm’s behaviors can lead to sustainable competitive advantages.

—  To recognize the various types and sources of capital available to entrepreneurs.

—  To categorize the purpose and fundamentals of a business plan.

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