Business Communication

The aim of this module is to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills of corporate communication and to help them develop these skills to apply and communicate effectively in the workplace. It will help them to understand communication tools and processes used in the effective conduct of a business on everyday basis.

Learning outcomes:

·         Identify the various business documents used in business enterprises.

·         Implement simple and correct language in technical writing

·         Conduct meetings in a proper and effective manner

·         To identify the various business documentations involved in an organization.

·         To communicate effectively with a range of internal and external audience in both oral & written format.

·         To use simple and correct language to present readable and comprehensible business documents

·         To recognize the framework for preparing reports and other written forms of communication

·         To write persuasive business reports, plan and prepare a business presentation.

·         To recognize the elements of effective visual communication and use graphics, and design to improve a range of communication tasks.

·         To determine the effective ways to file and manage records.

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